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I'm Peyton Schultz and I 'm the founder of pschultz fitness.

I am an ISSA Certified personal trainer, fitness coach, and nutrition specialist. My goal is to transform you into the best version of yourself. I can help you get Fit For Life.

What are you waiting for?

I have a background in exercise science and the ability to coach and motivate clients to understand and trust in my methods. Clients expect amazing results and will achieve them.  Your tailored plan will outline effective goal specific training and pinpoint and correct flaws found within a client’s current nutritional and lifestyle habits. This process will occur in a way that is both easy to understand and manageable with their lifestyle.

Currently, I live in Saint Augustine, FL, creating and producing my own fitness content. I spend most my time working out, going to the beach. chilling with my dogs, and loving what I do which is to motivate and transform YOU!

What makes me a different trainer?

The body I’ve achieved as an athlete and bodybuilder is all natural! and the result of 5+ years of solid work. YOU too can look great while maintaining a 100% natural approach to get the physique you deserve.

I will teach you what will work efficiently and effectively so that you can sustain your results for a lifetime.  You will receive nutritional advice on how to eat from a calorie and macro perspective by understanding the energy balance and calorie needs for your body type.

I believe you can have a calorie goal for fat loss and building muscle but also have more freedom to be able to enjoy your favorite foods by eating a healthy well-balanced diet without cutting out entire macronutrient profiles like a lot of fad diets do.

Fad diets don’t work and around 95% of all diets fail because they aren’t sustainable long-term. I teach a no BS approach to nutrition and fitness.




Training Rates

All plans are based on identifying each person’s goals and abilities. Contact me for a free evaluation today!

  • Custom Nutrition Plan (flexible meal plan and macros 100% tailored to you and your goals 
  • Custom Training Plan aligned with your goals and schedule
  • Supplementation List with Guidance & Education
  • 24/7 Communication & Access
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Exclusive Facebook Community Support


My Clients

You too can achieve these goals! Take control now!



I reached out to Peyton because I wanted to get my body right and more in shape. Not only did he help me reach my goals he helped me get way more into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. He was also there 24/7 helping me, and motivating me along the way. If you are looking to get fit and feel confident then Peyton will 110% point you in the right direction and do everything he can to help you reach your goals.

For around a year I was constantly hitting the gym, doing the same exercises everyday, and eating the same subpar diet with it. When I told Peyton about the plateau I had hit he ensured me that with his plan he could fix it and I believed him. Here I am, almost nine months later and I’ve never been stronger and more confident. He taught me how to eat the right way, different exercises to build different muscle groups and because of that I was able to drop over 20lbs. But the thing that was even more important than the weight loss and my growth in the weight room was the amount of care and energy that came with it. From day one, Peyton has been right next to me through the journey, asking what he can do to make every single day a better one for me. I’d recommend anyone to Peyton not only because I know they’d find the results, but because of the type of person they’re getting with it.

Peyton got me down 30lbs! He was always offering nutrition advice and giving me tips on how I can improve my workouts. His motivation inspired me to change my lifestyle habits and now I am feeling and looking better than I ever have in my entire life. I had a great experience with him as my trainer. Can’t wait to continue this journey thanks to his help.

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I’m located in St. Augustine, FL. Contact me if you want to meet your fitness goals!

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